MSC Grand Finals Day 1 Detailed Report

2017-09-01 Mobile Legends

MSC 2017 Grand Final Day 1 Summary

     MSC 2017 Grand Final 2017 begun today at Taman Anggrek Mall, Jakarta, Indonesia. This event is the biggest Mobile e-sports in SEA Regional have ever held. So many Mobile Legends players waiting for it and the hype was really really high not only around the player itself, the public felt the MSC 2017 ambiance too.

The main set of MSC Grand Finals, Taman Anggrek Mall, Jakarta

Match 1: Team Saiyan VS Salty Salad

     The first match began between Team Saiyan from Malaysia and team Salty Salad from Philliphines. Not so many great fights in the first round took place since Team Saiyan lost too fast. But the real fight from Team Saiyan started finally in the second round. 

     Since the beginning of the match, they played very aggressively in the Bot Lane. They managed to push Salty Salad Killer farm process back and got some kills to build up their advantages in the early game. But Team Saiyan made some serious mistake on minute 3 after a team fight began on the River. They tried to gank Salty Salad but ended up ambushed by other Salty Salad players and lost 4 members. 

     Team Saiyan tried to make a comeback at Salty Salad Top Jungle and successfully kidnapped some heroes with 2ez4jep getting a Double Kill. But Team Saiyan was not lucky enough because Salty Salad carried out a 5-man-push tactic at the 4th and 5th minute and wracked Saiyan's Mid and Top Lane's outer turrets. And not only that, Salty Salad also tried to furtherly disadvantage Team Saiyan when they tried to defend their Top and Mid Lane fighting the Lord. But Team Saiyan knew it and contested against Salty Salad at the Lord Pit but failed and get slaughtered. 3 players from their team got killed by Bonbon from Salty Salad. After the last clash at the Lord Pit, the game finished right after Salty Salad did the final push with the Lord in Mid Lane at minute 8. In this round, Salty Salad won with a 2 – 0 Game Score and successfully advanced to Semi Final of Upper Bracket.

The result table of the match Team Saiyan vs SaltySalad

Match 2: Solid Gaming Alpha VS MyA JR

     The next match was the most intense match of the day - Solid Gaming Alpha from the Philippines versus MyA Jr from Malaysia - Same Countries but different teams. The gameplay of Solid Gaming Alpha was not so much different from their countrymate Salty Salad: aggressive and full of risk. Less than a minute, Solid Gaming Alpha's member MB got the First Blood. But not so long later, MYA Jr managed to get their revenge by a 5-man gank and did a Multi-kill in Bot Lane. However, that gank made MYA Jr defenseless in their top lane and SGA contrived to destroy its turret at minute 4. 

     After a several-minute no-clash moment, Solid Gaming Alpha tried to sneak and kill the Lord when noticing none of MYA Jr players around. And they made it at minute 7. The Lord spawned at Top Lane and Solid Alpha Gaming seized that moment to do a 5-Man Lord-Push tactic. MYA Jr tried to stop them when Solid Alpha Gaming was reaching their inner turret but unfortunately failed. They got slaughtered one by one until inside the base and SGA won the first round. MB got MVP with the highest networth, 6998.

     The second round began with the First Blood made by Solid Gaming Alpha killing Josef. But less than a minute Josef took his revenge back by ganking 2 heroes from Solid Gaming Alpha on minute 2. MYA Jr did some tricks by always ganking Solid Gaming Alpha one by one, which was really a great performance from Mr. Padel. However, Saber from MYA Jr took down the inner turret on MYA JR's Top Lane. At minute 8, Solid Gaming Alpha tamed the Lord and now ready to make some comeback. But they were too hasty when trying to contest with MYA Jr in the Jungle and made some mistake that resulted in their elimination by MYA Jr. 

     Even now, Solid Gaming Alpha still had no plan to give up and made some epic counter attack. They also tamed the Lord for the Second time at minute 12. Solid Gaming Alpha didn't stop their push and pressure to MYA Jr for even one minute, but this Malaysian Team always managed to stop it until Solid Gaming Alpha split up to push and made some serious disadvantages to MYA Jr. Both Top and Bottom Base Towers of MYA Jr are destroyed. Want it or not, MYA Jr did some gamble by 5-man Push on the Mid Lane. Surprisedly their 5-man push succeeded and wiped out Solid Gaming Alpha. And Now, the victory of round 2 of Best-Of 3 game belonged to MYA Jr.

     Not so long after the second match, the third match began, but in this final round, the both of team played so differently than before. They chose to play safe rather than being aggressive like 2 previous matches. The firstblood was taken by Solid Gaming Alpha in minutes 5 and they also got other 2 kills. Solid Gaming Alpha still had an advantage by ganking MYA Jr player one by one. By doing some trick for around ten minutes, Solid Gaming managed to win the Final round by doing 5-Man Lord Push at minute 14. After intense 3 rounds, finally Solid Gaming Alpha won and advanced to Semi Final of Upper Bracket where they will be faced with Salty Salad, their Countrymate team.

Match 3: IDONOTSLEEP VS Elite8 esport

     The Third Match was IDONOTSLEEP from Thailand vs Elite 8 from Indonesia. IDONOTSLEEP showed their superior skill and teammates power at the first match and made to win from elite 8 in no time. 

     At the second round, elite 8 could match IDONOTSLEEP gameplay and had some good fights early with 5 – 3 score on the minute 6. But IDONOTSLEEP made comeback with 8 – 6 score and taming the Lord on minute 9. With 5-Man Lord Push tactic, IDONOTSLEEP destroyed the inner turret of Elite8 top lane. The situation was very desperate for Elite 8 and make their player made some serious mistake like King who always ganked many times in the Jungle. After 15 minutes gameplay, IDONOTSLEEP could win the game by doing teamwipe when they doing 5-Man Lord Push on the Bottom Lane. With this, IDONOTSLEEP advanced to Semi Finale of Upper Bracket, facing the winner between Saints Indo and Impunity.

Macth 4: Saints Indo VS IMPUNITY

     Last but not least, the match was between Saints Indo from Indonesia and Impunity from Singapore. Same as their countrymate elite 8, Saints Indo lost to Impunity in 8 minutes by 12 – 1 score. 

     The second round started with a great early performance from Saints Indo who managed to get the First Blood. On the minute 4, both of team tried to gank each other in the jungle and river. At this moment Saints Indo was in advantages until Impunity showed another great Teamwork, pushing Saints Indo back to their base. The advantages now were with Impunity and they did 5-Man Lord Push to press Saints Indo. Saints Indo tried to hold it but they lost after the Second 5-Man Lord Push by Impunity on the minute 14.

     With the end of the match between Saints Indo and Impunity, the First Day of Grand Finale MSC 2017 Day 1 over. Salty Salad and Solid Gaming Alpha from the Philippines, IDONOTSLEEP from Thailand and Impunity from Singapore manage to next bracket in this First Day. But bad luck came to 2 Indonesia Team, Saints Indo and Elite8 also Malaysia Team, Team Saiyan and MYA Jr must go down to lower bracket and must do extra effort to win this tournament. So, what do you think about the summary of the First Day? Was your favorite team doing great in this First Day? And don't forget to watch the Grand Final MSC 2017 Day 2 Livestream in the same channel to support your favorite Mobile Legends team.

Tomorrow's Brackets

A looking-out from the booth of MSC players during a match



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