The Uncrowned King: One Step Away From the Championship Again

2017-09-11 Mobile Legends

    We shouldn’t give all the praise to just the champions, especially in such a talent packed tournament. Salty Salad’s(SS) journey is something to be in awe of, since they were able to beat their kryptonite on their way to the grand final stage. Sure, they did not end up being champions, but who else thought that the Philippines runner ups would even make it to the grand final?

    It could even be said that Salty Salad were the favorites for the final series of the tournament. They had gone undefeated throughout the tournament, even casting their eventual opponents, I Do Not Sleep, into the loser’s bracket. Everyone thought that the grand final match would just be a repeat of what happened two hours earlier. That this was going to be the crowning moment for Salty Salad, where they finally become champion. Alas, this was not to be the case, as they were not able to react to IDNS’s versatile changes. 

    This is not an unfamiliar scene for Salty Salad, as during the Philippines regional finals a similar story unfolded. Having easily won the first game of the regional final series, Salty Salad already had one hand on the crown. Sadly, Salty Salad was reverse swept away, losing the next 3 games consecutively. It was just like at MSC Grand Finals, they were not able to stabilize and maintain their form at the most critical moment. 

    Still, it goes without saying, they came into the grand final series undefeated, this is more than enough evidence of their talent and skill. As we have mentioned before in a previous article, Salty Salad is a team that likes to build an early game advantage. This is also their weak point as if they are not able to secure this advantage, Salty Salad will lag further and further behind. However, during the MSC Grand Finals, it seems they have entirely fixed this issue, no longer do they stubbornly always play with the same formation and picks. Their ban/pick phase has also become much more complicated and well thought out. These improvements definitely helped them in their undefeated finals run, imprinting themselves forever into Mobile Legend’s history. 


    We hope that these two close calls will motivate SS even more so that they will one day reign as champions!

    Mobile Legends, be a legend!

    MSC Five Nationals Grand Finals videos have been uploaded to the official competition website, featuring all of SS’s amazing performance at the finals!.

*SaltySalad Preparing in the Booth*

*Katote, BonBon, Toinks, Yolo, Eson*

*SaltySalad off stage*

Salty Salad Pre-match Interview

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