IDNS: A Dark Horse Gallops Away with The MSC Championship

2017-09-11 Mobile Legends

A Dark Horse Gallops Away with The MSC Championship

     On Sunday night, IDONOTSLEEP (IDNS) accomplished an incredible feat of determination and skill by winning the inaugural Mobile Legends Southeast Asia Cup(MSC). The Thailand champions were the best out of 8 total teams after a string of 36 gruelling games over 3 days. 


     IDNS were also the dark horses of the competition, despite being champions as many pundits touted to them be eliminated early on in the tournament. One of the key reasons on why IDNS was underestimated, was to do with their regional championship being played entirely online, leaving many to question whether IDNS would crack under pressure in a live setting. IDNS were able to prove all the doubters wrong as they won successive victories until the semi-finals displaying the highest level of mental aptitude. 

     They finally met their first setback against Salty Salad (SS), the eventual runner ups, who sent them into the loser’s bracket. IDNS, however, did not stifle and fall apart, instead, they regrouped and cleared their minds. These adjustments proved effective when they met SS once again in the grand final series. IDNS were able to play a much more aggressive style by taking the initiative and directing the tempo. The final score of 3:0 is evidence of the dominance they showed as well as the adaptability of their team, as just two hours before, they had been defeated by Salty Salad. 

     It must also be mentioned that it was not just the incredible skill of IDNS that pulled them through but also their creativity and courage. For IDNS bravely picked heroes such as Lolita, Sun and other relatively uncommon choices to great success. The obscure picks completely left their opponents dumbfounded as they were unfamiliar with how to play against such heroes. This allowed IDNS to pull off all types of combinations unopposed due to asymmetrical game knowledge. 

     By winning the inaugural MSC as dark horses, Thailand’s IDONOTSLEEP will enter the annals of e-sports history. Their victory tells us to expect the unexpected, for anything can be possible. IDONOTSLEEP have become legends of the game, but now it is for us to see what the future provides.

     Mobile Legends, Be a Legend!


*IDNS member Izy kissing the champion cup*

*IDNS members celebrating to each other on the stage after winning the last game*

*Champion Team IDNS*

MSC Grand Champion IDNS Pre-match Interview

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