Ideas Behind the Hero - Birth of Hylos

2017-11-09 MLBB

Hero Background

Amidst the misty mountains within the northern reaches of the Land of Dawn, reside an ancient and mysterious race of Centaurs. These centaurs guard a fountain that rests on the highest mountain peak. This fountain is said to give the gift of life. Dark forces have relentlessly tried to gain the power found within the waters of this fountain, but only to be time and time again be thwarted by the centaurs. However, as time went on, the centaurs tired and attrition soon took hold. It was not until he arrived. Where throw his mastery of nature's wrath he was able to punish all the invaders of the fountain. Hylos had become a legendary figure within the annals of the Land of Dawn.


Hylos Design Sketches

The human headed and horse bodied Hylos is adorned with a sapphire colored horn, he wields the staff of a high priest.


Design Strategy

Frontal Display

As he is justice incarnate, while also being an incredibly holy person, we have decided to design him with white as the base foundational color. His white body, mane and armor gives off a spiritual feeling. The golden lining of his armor and pauldrons also gives him a certain high status.


Hylos's staff is very unique, in that it is designed specifically for that of a high priest of the centaurs, possessing great magical power, this golden staff is imbued with the power of a blue sapphire. This staff empowers Hylos with its holy reverence.

High Detailed Display

As Hylos is a tank, we designed him a strong physical form, his single horn also give him a feeling of empowerment, the staff further enhances his aesthetic strength. Hylos truly does look like a vindicator of evil.


No one knows truly what Hylos is thinking, as he broods over the edge of the mountain looking down towards the Land of Dawn. Overlooking the Holy Rock his eternal vigil continues, as the Grand Warden never rests.



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